Savor the selection of fine dining at Eden Roc Hotel and prepare your senses for a culinary experience like no other. Whether you are looking for a signature a la carte experience, dreaming of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine or craving for mouthwatering cocktails at the pool bar, you will find a welcome variety of restaurants and bars that promise dining experiences nuanced with the definitive flavors of the island.

Situated right on the beach. Open from 08:00-23:30
A chic, relaxed but vibrant gathering spot designed for socializing, sipping on aperitifs, enjoying finger food and people watching, located in the hotel’s Lobby. Within the comfort of the hotel’s renovated lobby, this bar will immediately attract you with the selection of Bubbles & Wine. For a perfect beginning to...
Open from 20:00 – 00:30.
Situated next to the waterfall and by the children’s pool, our Cone Area is an ideal choice for guests of any age to indulge their palates in refreshing drinks and delicious light snacks. Located right next to the waterfall and a breath away from the clear blue waters of the...
Exclusive Poolside Bar for residents of Pool Suites & Pool View Bungalows.
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